The 52 Places to Go in the Balkans is a project to crowd source a list of the most history-rich, unusual, or adrenaline-inducing destinations in the Balkans. Hit the comments with your suggestions and feedback!

A few notes:

The list is currently alphabetized by country, not importance or significance.

For the strongest consideration, please write a brief paragraph about what makes the place unique.

Pictures are welcome!

Girokaster - Albania

Tirana - Albania

Shkoder - Albania

Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

Melnik - Bulgaria

Buzludzha - Bulgaria

Zagreb - Croatia

Hum - Croatia

Groznjan - Croatia 

Meteora - Greece

Thessaloniki - Greece

Mount Athos - Greece

Corfu - Greece

Prizren - Kossovo

Ohrid - Macedonia

Dormitor National Park - Montenegro

Kotor - Montenegro 

Sigishoara - Romania

Belgrade - Serbia

Subotica - Serbia

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Skofja Loka - Slovenia