The Bulgarian countryside is where you must go to see the authentic, less adorned face of this small Balkan country. So where do you start?

Bulgaria - Major Regions

The Balkan Mountains run along the center of Bulgaria West to East and split it into Northern and Southern parts. In Northern Bulgaria, you have the Danubian Plain, which encompasses several distinct areas, including Northwestern Bulgaria and parts of Dobruja. In the South, you have Southwestern Bulgaria with the Pirin mountain,  occupying the bottom left-hand corner of the map. In the center are the Rhodopes and Plovdiv, and you will offer hear parts of this region being called Thrace. In Southeastern Bulgaria is the mystical and sparsely populated Strandja mountain.

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The Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea serves as Bulgaria's Eastern border. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is most often divided into and referred to as Northern and Southern coast. The Northern parts are considered to have a slightly cooler climate, although this is very relative as the Black Sea waters are generally pretty warm in summer. The must sees in the North are the Kaliakra fortress, the town of Balchik with the castle and the botanical gardens and of course all the beautiful beaches. The South has a reputation for being more bohemian, with Sunny Beach and Golden Sands in recent year becoming a magnet for young travelers, attracted by the exuberant night life and affordable bars.

The Southernmost parts, near the Rezovo river and the border with Turkey, are the most undeveloped and unspoiled, making them desirable for those who prefer less crowded beaches and unique nature.