No one can tell for sure where all roads lead as it relates to Sofia but for yours truly, the roads that lure me almost immediately soon after I land at Vrazjdebna airport have a tendency to lead to a restaurant called Bankovich: Bankovich calls itself a Serbian BBQ but more than anything, it is a place where you can indulge in many Balkan delicacies. 

On a recent lazy day in May, my feet took me to Bankovich for my first lunch during a visit to my homeland. I was lucky enough to be seated on the beautiful terrace overlooking Aksakov Street in one of the prettiest parts of Bulgaria’s capital. I started off with “tarator” - a cold cucumber soup - and a salad. And of course, I ordered a rakia. When in Rome….

I worked my way diligently through my first dishes. I respectfully stopped short of licking the plates clean - manners! manners! - but that was it. And then the waiter came. And guess what he brought?! The dessert menu! Do you think he was surprised when I cheerfully said “I am only now beginning!” and ordered the fried calf brains and the boneless lamb’s head? You bet! I admit it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life to startle unsuspecting citizens with my ferocious appetite. And so the afternoon went on - paying due respect to some of the best food Sofia has to offer. Noblesse oblige. Great food obliges even more. Stay tuned for the next blog entry about the dangers of shopping after a great Balkan lunch.