One of my favorite walks in Sofia is up and down Shishman St. I love navigating the narrow sidewalks and popping in and out of stores. Perhaps it’s because I don’t visit often enough but every time I go, there is a new bakery, a new restaurant, a new shop. 

One of my most delightful discoveries this year was the Elephant Bookstore. I was irresistibly drawn to its window and had no choice but to walk in. Luckily for me, I met one of the owners. There are few more pleasurable things in life than talking about books with someone who loves books as much as you do. The selection of publications, gifts, cards, comics was so eclectic and reflected a refreshing sense of humor. 

I walked away with three fun postcards - a generous gift from Ruben - and a resolve to visit the Elephant Book store as often as I can. Within the fun of exploring Sofia, it’s a destination in and of its own.